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TS 10 MAX123
KEETEC TS 10 - car alarm with hopping code, 2 pcs of remote controls RC MAX and dual zone shock sensor, engine immobilizer, trunk control, lock reminder, searching vehicle, remote central door locking, control of sequential output directional lights with automatic calibration the time of flashes and other features increased the comfort and security of the vehicle.


control unit, 2 pcs of remote controls, LED diode, cabling, 2-zone tilt sensor, hood switch, siren, instruction manual


transmitter type:


System description


  • monitoring doors, trunk and hood
  • immobilization output - blocking start up
  • quiet/loud activation
  • optical signalization
  • remote trunk unlocking
  • emergency panic alarm
  • outputs for control central locking
  • emergency deactivation by PIN code
  • service mode
  • roll up the power windows when activated by the system - extended lock pulse
  • floating code
  • vehicle search
  • automatic reactivation
  • lock central locking when the ignition is ON
  • LED status display
  • device ON reminder
  • double lock/unlock pulse
  • security mode
  • sequential output to control flashing of turn indicators
  • control over valet switch
  • option to disable the turn indicators when locking/unlocking
  • adjustable polarity on siren output



Warning: Immobilization relay is not included.

>> guide price with installation: 181 € incl. VAT

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